Wireless Design and Implementation

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers -- are an increasing number of wireless devices competing for the limited amount of wireless bandwith available in your facility? A properly designed wireless network offers numerous benefits, including increased productivity, more convenience, and lower costs. Additionally, a wireless network can serve as a redundant connection, offering you peace of mind that productivity will not be lost if your traditional wired system fails.

Whether you need to support a small number of users in one office or thousands of users in a campus environment, Choctaw Defense Services will use our proven methodolgies to design and install the secure, reliable, high-performance wireless network you need. Our experience includes designing and installing both indoor and outdoor wireless networks, including point-to-point outdoor wireless networks that can cover hundreds of miles and provide significant cost savings over traditional connections.

From start to finish Choctaw Defense Services can design, develop, and install a wireless network that will work for your company.