Nurse Call

Choctaw Defense Services recognizes the significance of eliminating communication challenges and improving and streamlining nursing workflows -- tasks that have been notoriously time-consuming and difficult. Choctaw Defense Services approaches this challenge by implementing unified nurse call systems. Whether your hospital is considering a complete nurse call system replacement to increase flexibility and reduce cost, or simply looking for an inexpensive solution, Choctaw Defense Services can assist with your implementation.

Our engineers and designers use IP-based systems than can exchange messages, voice, and data and offer some of the following advantages and technologies:

• RTLS (Real-Time Location System) to locate a nurse on the floor

• Two-way communication between patient-nurse and physician-nurse

• Integration with heart monitors and other medical devices to alert nurses of a patient’s critical condition

• Computerized dashboards that show real-time location of nurses, room status, patient info, and current staff distributions

• Wireless communication as the backbone, using existing infrastructure without incurring additional wiring costs

• IP based

• Scalable, which enables the system to grow with demand

• Ease of manageability, thus enabling IT departments to manage and support the solution

• Interoperability, allowing the system to interact with other medical devices as well as HIS (Hospital Information System)